Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Appleishis Update

April here! aka appleishis. :}
Just wanted to thank you guys for the comments so far. I know im barely starting out on the appleishis website but Im totally excited for this! Because I know you guys are gonna love what I have coming up for you all. And some of you have been asking me what exactly is the main topic of this appleishis site and the answer is--- well...there is no answer. Because there is no main topic. This is  mainly my love for makeup but I can promise you that I'l post some of the most random posts in the near future. But as for right now- Im just focusing on some Celeb get the looks that you all can try out. And speaking of that- I hope you guys are liking them. If you have requests then let me know! pronto~~~!
Till next time....
- April xoxo