Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Planning a Polka Dot Birthday Party

My older sister's 27th birthday is coming up and Im so excited because that means I can jump on the party planning bang wagon. YAY! She made it clear that she doesn't necessarily want a "party", but that definitely does not mean that I cant decorate the house for her!! My sister Jackie (I call her Koala....long story) is the most beautifulest person you could ever get to know. She always puts people first before herself and thats why I love her so much.
But anyway, I decided that her party is going to be polka dot themed and the colors are going to be black,white, and pink (her fav.color combination). YAY! I already pre ordered her cake, which of course will have polka dots on it, and as far as the decorations go-  im thinking of incorporating as many things that I can that have polka dots. I wanted to show you guys these pictures that inspired me to even throw a polka dot party in the first place! It looks like it can be so cute!


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  1. that is a cute theme. Good luck!